Vivotek Adaptor for Outdoor Dome

Vivotek Adaptor for Outdoor Dome

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FD8167A, FD8169A, FD8367A, FD8369A.
Model/Product no.: AM-528
Stock status: Not in stock

Mounting Adapter for Outdoor Dome (3/4" NPT Female Connector & 1.5" PS11 Male Connector)
Model: AM-528
P/N No.: 100147800G

Supported Models:
Pendant Pipe: AM-116, AM-117
Wall mount bracket: : AM-221, AM-212, AM-218
Camera: FD8167A, FD8169A, FD8177-H, FD8179-H, FD8367A-V, FD8369A-V, FD8377-HV, FD8379-HV

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