VIVOTEK Device Pack


Designed specifically for VIVOTEK’s VAST, NVRs and Shepherd 2, Device Pack can directly enable camera settings for VIVOTEK network cameras. As most configuration values of the Device Pack are identical to those found on VIVOTEK’s network camera webpage, users can save time when installing and setting up their cameras.

Supported Products
VIVOTEK VAST V1.10 or above.
VIVOTEK NVR: ND8321, ND8322P, ND8422P, ND9441*, ND9541*, NR9681*.
VIVOTEK Shepherd V2.0.0.6 or above.
(*Coming soon)

Supported Camera Settings
Difference settings for each product: See more on the Link "Overview".



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Designed specifically for Vivotek's VAST, NVR's, and Shepherd 2.