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What is the different be twin a manuel Iris lens, and a automatic Iris Lens ?

Manuel Iris Lens

Manual Iris lens is the simplest type of iris control lens with manual adjustment to set the iris opening in a fixed position. These are generally used for fixed lighting or the camera to be used is readily available. The lens is equipped with a ring on the body that can be rotated to change the aperture directly. There are two types of manual iris lenses, Fast Manual Iris lenses and Vari focus Manual Iris lens.
Manual Iris lens is convenient to use where it is not necessary to adjust the lens continuously for correct image brightness. These types of lens used with constant light. This is true in shopping centers, schools, libraries and offices. The lens can be rotated to change the aperture using a ring which is present on the body.

Automatic Iris Lens

Auto Iris Lens is a type of lens that can be controlled electronically. This type of lens allows maintaining light levels. It applies when the lighting conditions vary continuously. Auto iris lens allows the camera to adjust to get the best picture in the given lighting conditions. There are two types of auto iris lenses, Fast Auto Iris lenses and Vari Focus Auto Iris lens.
Auto iris lenses are best lens to use in any application, as they are flexible and can adapt to changing light levels. Auto iris lenses are used to produce uniform video signals from cameras, see scenes in a varying light levels. Auto iris lenses combines an electronically controlled iris, which allows the lens to maintain a light level that makes them ideal for outdoor use or any other programs.

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