IP Video System Design Tool


VIVOTEK has integrated with JVSG (IP Video Design Tool) to make the design of professional video surveillance systems quick and easy. With the IP Video System Design Tool, users can calculate the precise lens focal length and viewing angles of all cameras in seconds, and check the field of view of each camera. This allows discovery of any dead zones and increases the security of your premises through the use of 2D and 3D modeling. This smart tool can also obtain more accurate estimations of network bandwidth, storage and perform many other handy functions to enhance your surveillance system design.

Providing Capabilities

2D Planning for Each Camera Field of View
3D Views and Simulation
Realistic 3D Models


Increase efficiency of your security system while lowering costs finding the best camera locations
Calculate precise camera lens focal length and viewing angles in seconds
Check the field of view of each camera and find dead zones to increase the security level of your premises using 2D and 3D modeling
Get estimations of required network bandwidth to shape the network video systems with any number of IP cameras and video servers
Calculate the required HDD storage space for video archive
Load site plan / floor plan in JPEG, JPG, BMP or PDF background image.
Print or export your project to PDF. Copy your calculations, drawings and 3D mockups to create an excellent project documentation

System Requirements:

Windows 10, 8 , 7, Vista, XP SP2
Mac OS User


Brandwidth Calculator

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Intuitively Design Suveillance Systems with 2D / 3D Views