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VIVOCloud is now officially replacing EZConnect to provide a more complete cloud solution. EZConnect users can still enjoy the same service with the new VIVOCloud. Please update your app to the latest version, there are additional new functions we would like you to try.


VIVOCloud Surveillance makes online surveillance much easier and smarter than ever before. Simply register the user’s account and connect the corresponding devices. Users can view live streams and play recorded clips with the intuitive interface anytime, anywhere. Enhanced functionalities of the latest version include the Push Notification function that will directly popup an alert message on the users’ mobile device when specific events happen such as unusual motion, theft behavior and so on. Moreover, users can share the video stream with up to 4 people to view the surveillance video simultaneously, making it ideal to provide real-time security for retailers, shops or SMB.

Features List


VIVOCloud App

VIVOCloud Portal

Platform System
Mac OS - Chrome, Firefox
Windows - Chrome, Firefox, IE11*
iOS 9.0 or later -
Android 4.0 or later -
Supported VIVOTEK Device
Device Type VIVOTEK NVRs
Live StreamingH.264, H265, MJPEG, MPEG-4H.264*
Timeline PlaybackH.264, H265, MJPEG, MPEG-4H.264*
Fisheye DewarpVV
PiP ControlVV
2-way AudioV-
Share DeviceVV
Push NotificationV-
* IE11 plug-in supports H.265, H.264 and MJPEG.

Support Device List – Ready to Use

Product Category Models
VIVOTEK NVRs* ND8212W, ND8312, ND8321**, ND8322P, ND8422P, ND9441, ND9441P, ND9541, ND9541P
VIVOTEK IP Cameras FD8166A, FD8166A-N, FD8167A, FD8169A, FD8367A-V, FD8369A-V, IB8360, IB8360-W***, IB8367A, IP8160, IP8160-W***
* Recommended Firmware Version: v2.2.0.102 or later.
** ND8321 only supports basic streaming view on VIVOCloud app.
*** Wireless cameras will have to use camera GUI to setup WiFi SSID and password.

Support Device List – Available

  • VIVOTEK IP Cameras will require manually upload VIVOCloud VADP package, please find the download link below.

Form Factor Models
Box Cameras IP8166, IP9167-HP, IP9167-HT, IP9171-HP, IP9181-H
Bullet Cameras IB8369A, IB836BA-EHF3, IB836BA-EHT, IB836BA-HF3, IB836BA-HT, IB8382-EF3, IB8382-ET, IB8382-F3, IB8382-T, IB9367-EH, IB9367-EHT, IB9367-H, IB9367-HT, IB9371-EHT, IB9371-HT, IB9381-EHT, IB9381-HT
Fixed Dome Cameras CD8371-HNTV, CD8371-HNVF2, FD816CA-HF2, FD816BA-HF2, FD816BA-HT, FD8182-F2, FD8182-T, FD8366-V, FD836BA-EHTV, FD836BA-EHVF2, FD836BA-HTV, FD836BA-HVF2, FD8382-ETV, FD8382-EVF2, FD8382-TV, FD8382-VF2, FD9167-H, FD9167-HT, FD9367-EHTV , FD9367-HV, FD9367-HTV, FD9171-HT, FD9181-HT, FD9371-EHTV, FD9371-HTV, FD9381-EHTV, FD9381-HTV
180°/360° Cameras CC8370-HV, CC8371-HV, FE8182, FE9180-H, FE9181-H, FE9381-EHV, FE9182-H, FE9382-EHV
Mobile Dome Cameras MD8563-DEH, MD8563-EH, MD8564-EH, MD8565-N
Split-type Camera System VC8101


VIVOCloud for App

The VIVOCloud app makes surveillance lightweight and portable. The design of the VIVOCloud app is meant to reduce complex surveillance setup tasks and make accessing surveillance footage as easy as possible. With the support of VIVOTEK ND-series NVR's and VIVOTEK 66A, 67A, 69A series cameras, you have many IP options to choose from and can access them with a single app.

What’s New in the VIVOCloud App

  • Support VADP package on VIVOTEK 66A, 67A, 69A series cameras
  • Support Camera Configuration
  • New UI

Key Features

  • H.265 Support
  • Multi-channel Live View & Single Channel Playback
  • Variable-Speed Fast-Forward and Reverse for Playback
  • Multi-Stream Selection
  • Vertical (Portrait) or Horizontal (Landscape) Mode Rotation
  • Snapshot Option
  • PTZ Control
  • PiP (Picture in Picture) Control
  • Fisheye Camera Dewarp (1O/1P/1R)

Shared Device

No need to share your account and password with others anymore, just share your device with another account. Each device can be shared with up to 4 different VIVOCloud accounts, and only the primary account has the authority to configure the device.

VIVOCloud - Shared Device

Push Notification

VIVOCloud can keep an eye on things you care for and push the alert to your mobile device wherever you are. Now you can stop constantly checking live video streams, and just simply check when notifications appear.

VIVOCloud - Push Notification

Camera Configuration

The VIVOCloud app supports the camera configuration function. For users who need robust cloud surveillance, you can configure everything with the VIVOCloud app including camera setup, alarms, push notifications, schedule recording, and more.

VIVOCloud - Camera Configuration

Timeline Playback

Provide users with an intuitive timeline playback experience. Drag on the timeline directly to choose a playback time. The data indicator on the timeline can show whether there is recording data or not in a certain given time. Users can also play recorded clips in different speeds and download snapshots of key image frames.

VIVOCloud - Timeline Playback

Fisheye Dewarp

Fisheye Dewarp of VIVOTEK 360°cameras can also be done in the mobile app. Users can choose 1O, 1P, 1R modes of fisheye camera and use ePTZ to view streams from different angles.

VIVOCloud - Fisheye Dewarp


VIVOCloud for Portal

With a single entrance web portal, VIVOCloud now is more suitable for your work environment. If your mobile device is having issues, or when you simply need a bigger screen to view your business, the plug-in free VIVOCloud portal allows you to access the service by whichever web browser you prefer.

What’s New in VIVOCloud Surveillance Portal:

  • Share Device
  • Alarm Timeline
  • Device Management
  • NVR Status
  • Plug-in for Internet Explorer 11


Key Features:

  • Plug-in Free for Chrome, Firefox and support H.264 codec
  • Plug-in for IE 11 and support H.264, mjpeg.
  • Fisheye Dewarp
  • My Favorite


Plug-in Free Web Potal:

Log-in with VIVOCloud account and view NVR stream by Chrome (recommended) or Firefox on both Windows and Mac OS. We also support IE11 with plug-in installed.

*Please upgrade NVR firmware to v2.0.0.101 or above to support Web Portal viewing.

VIVOCloud - Login

NVR Status:

Check NVR status remotely to analyze issue cause. Now you can check CPU utilization, Memory usage, Disk transfer rate and Ethernet throughput on VIVOCloud Surveillance Portal. Make trouble shooting more easier and flexible.

VIVOCloud - NVR Status

Device Management & Share:

Now you can add, delete, or even share your NVR to another user as you wish on VIVOCloud Surveillance Portal.

VIVOCloud - Device Management & Share

Fisheye Dewarp: 

Fisheye Dewarp of VIVOTEK camera can also be done on VIVOCloud Surveillance web portal. Users can choose 1O, 1P, 1R mode of fisheye camera to view stream from different angle.

VIVOCloud - Fisheye Dewarp

Multi-Channel Liveview:

VIVOCloud Portal now can support up to 4-channel synchronize liveview.

VIVOCloud - Multi-Channel Liveview

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