VIVOTEK Shepherd

VIVOTEK's Shepherd, embedded with device management functions, can easily set up multiple cameras at once. The software automatically brings up a list of all VIVOTEK devices that are connected on the network and user can manually group the cameras to apply pre-configured settings. The Shepherd supports various powerful functions, including group setting management, IP address assignment, remote reboot/restore, import/export camera settings, firmware and VADP package upgrade, exporting the server status report to track the issue. It greatly benefits system integrators and installers who often have projects that need to set up multiple cameras with the same settings at once.

What’s New in Version 2.1
Support VIVOTEK 9000 Series Network Cameras
Refine GUI and Improve Workflow
Support VivoCam PoE Switch (AW-GEV Series) Discover Integration

Key Features
Batch camera settings configuration
Assign IP address on multiple devices with ease
Upgrade firmware/package/license broadcast
Restore/reboot multiple cameras simultaneously
Generate reports for debugging

You don't even need to click - Automatically detects all cameras on your network

VIVOTEK Shepherd - Automatically detects all cameras on your network

Saving you time & money - Assigning template settings to selecte cameras at once

VIVOTEK Shepherd - Saving you time & money

No more tedious works - IP address assignment has never been easier

VIVOTEK Shepherd - No more tedious works

Faster maintenance - Update firmware, restore/restart devices on multiple devices

VIVOTEK Shepherd - Faster maintenance

No more tedious work!!!
Remember those days when you needed to change camera settings, IP address... one by one? Now, those days are gone. With
Shepherd, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting for the jobs to finish by themselves.

Maintain your cameras from any PC - A multi-tasking camera maintenance tool that helps
Camera Auto Detection

Camera Auto Detection

Configure Camera Settings, Upgrade Firmware ...




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Camera Management Tool - Smart Setup - Multiple Cameras Configuration and Maintenance - Report Generation