ITV-Security Ltd. receives payment for goods ordered with the following methods of payment:
  •      Bank Transfer (IBAN: DK8830 0000 1241 4404) (Swift: DABADKKK) (Account Reg No: 3409 Account number: 1241 4404) Order processed only after payment is received. NOTE, the payment arrangement at your bank should be 'OUR' instead of 'SHA' or 'BEN'.
  •      Invoice (only applies to companies with Company VAT No. and registered in our system, and have an agreement with ITV Security)

Payment VAT registered customers.
Payment terms for business customers with a VAT No., is 8 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. If payment is not a payed in time, ITV-Security Ltd. can choose to terminate the agreement. Exceed customer payment terms accrue interest and penalty charges under purely Act. ITV-Security owns the equipment until payment has been made. Invoice will be sent to the customer in E-mail or EAN Invoice.

Personal Data.
To follow the law of the trader, is ITV-Security Ltd. obliged to keep your personal information for five years.
ITV-Security Ltd. considers information such as name, address, e-mail etc. as confidential and we use this information solely to process your order. No information forward it on to third parties.