NOTE: In the new version, you don't need a USB Dongle. See more here.


VIVOTEK VAST is the professional video/central management software designed for managing all VIVOTEK IP surveillance products with intuitive functions and numerous features. It integrates the new generation H.265 video codec, and supports hundreds of cameras and stations in a hierarchical structure of system for monitoring, recording, playback and event trigger management with ease-of-use and efficient control. Moreover, VAST also offers the video wall solution, VAST Matrix, for hundreds of cameras live view monitoring.
VAST integrates VIVOTEK network cameras to provide diverse solutions and applications, such as seamless recording with the cameras for uninterrupted video recording, Panoramic PTZ for 360° seamless surveillance solution and VCA metadata Integration like Line Crossing Detection, Loitering Detection, Field Detection and People Counting Reports. VAST performs remote management with full range of the server & client structure and constitutes a robust system for various applications, such as Retail, Residential and Industrial.

New Features in Version 1.12
•Multi-Stream Recording
•VCA Counting Report
•HTTP Secure Support
•Multicast Support (Matrix Only)
•User Management Enhancement

Key Features
•128-channel Live Video Monitoring with Dual Monitors
•16-channel Synchronous Playback
•Video Wall Solution "VAST Matrix" for Unlimited Live Views
•Auto Stream Size for Reducing Display Loading
•Instant Replay & Playback on Live Client
•Intelligent Alarm Management and Acknowledgement
•Overall Device Management through Intuitive E-map Feature
•Multiple Fisheye Dewarp Support
•Web Access via Internet Explorer
•Logical Tree Management
•Windows Active Directory Integration
•VIVOTEK Exclusive Feature: Panoramic PTZ, Seamless Recording and VCA Counting Solution

Support List
•VIVOTEK Network Cameras: 7000 & 8000 & 9000 Series (MD7560X excluded)
•VIVOTEK Software: ST7501, VAST
•VIVOTEK Switch: VivoCam PoE Switch (AW-GEV Series)

* VAST provides two installation versions, including the Free Standard Version, that can be downloaded on the link "Downloads" (32-CH, support VIVOTEK Cameras) and Trial Version (256-CH, support VIVOTEK & ONVIF Cameras).
See Compatibility list here.

* The Trial Version will become to the Free Version after 60 days. Users can purchase the license to remove the limitation.
Note: the software license cannot replace the hardware dongle, these are two separate types of license.


Product Overview
System Requirerments

Downloads (32-ch Free version (Only Vivotek Camera) and 256-ch Trial version (Vivotek and ONVIF camera 60 days Trial version)

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Unlimited Number of Vivotek Cameras and NVR (Substations) and ONVIF Cameras