VARIO LED, 150/80/45m, 10/35/60c

VARIO LED, 150/80/45m, 10/35/60c

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12/24V AC/DC. Multi Angle.
Model/Product no.: VAR-W8-1
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VARIO W8 (12 / 24V) Each unit contains three output illumination angles, the standard package includes the following angles: - 10 ° H x 10 ° V circular no objective (150 meters) - 35 ° H x 10 ° V elliptical lens fitted as standard (80 m) - 60 ° H x 25 ° V elliptical lens (45 m)

Additional lenses can be purchased: 80 ° H x 30 ° V and 120 ° H x 50 ° V, and optional remote control can be purchased. One need only one remote control, no matter how many Vario IR / LED lights you have.
VARIO W8 series represents class leading Infra-Red lighting designed for all CCTV installations. VARIO lighting combines the latest advances in optics, remote control, electronic feedback and green technology in an excellent all-round package.

The unique VARIO beam system is the latest development in interchangeable holographic optics and allows users to precisely match the angle of the lighting to the required field of view. VARIO lens uses hot-spot reduction technology (HRT) to produce images far better than those possible with normal LED lighting.
The HRT system delivers a very diffuse elliptical beam shape to deliver light directly to where it is most needed, allow for greater illumination distances, reduces light and energy waste and preventing overexposure of foreground objects.

An optional VARIO remote control allows for adjustable up illuminator fast, safe and off the ground. Active LED life control ensures high reliability and consistent optical output and all VARIO lighting is part of RayLED Green Touch program, providing excellent performance with minimal environmental impact. VARIO LED status indicator provides immediate feedback on the operational status and performance of the lamp.

A standard VARIO kit includes interchangeable lenses to deliver angles of 10, 35 and 60 degrees out of the box, enough flexibility to cover most applications. Other angles are available as optional accessories.
VARIO lighting comes complete with fittings and operate directly from a 12-24 V input.

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