Vivotek Video Server 4 Channel. H.264. 25fps. ONVIF

Vivotek Video Server 4 Channel. H.264. 25fps. ONVIF

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Audio. 4 Digital I/O. RS-485 for PTZ. DC12V / AC24V
Model/Product no.: VS8401
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Rack Mount Design.

VIVOTEK VS8401, the new milestone in video server security performing 4-CH high resolution with high frame rate in H.264is able to convert analog video into digital video with the highest quality. The H.264 compression format drastically reduces the file sizes and conserves valuable bandwidth and storage space. The VS8401 supports simultaneous dual streams to be transmitted in H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG formats for versatile applications. The streams can also be individually configured with separated frame rates, resolution, and image quality so as to meet different platforms or bandwidth constraints.

Featured with intelligent video functions, such as motion detection & tamper detection, the VS8401 is capable of upgrading an analog camera into an intelligent camera. The tamper detection feature can detect events such as blockage, redirection, defocus, and spray-painting of camera lens, making it an intelligent solution to possible camera obstruction. Furthermore, it also upgrades the security level of the IP surveillance system with the network security protocols, HTTPS and 802.1x. It is also designed with Giga LAN for large transmission need and DC 12V / AC 24V compatible power input design. These features make it easy to install and integrate with the existing analog system.

The built-in SD/SDHC card slot offers a convenient and portable storage option to prevent data loss in case of network disconnection. Monitoring with VIVOTEK's ST7501 as the video management software for better scalability and easy-to-use operation is another delightful benefit. Most importantly, it is designed for rack mount solution for easy installation. The solution for video server is a pioneering idea in the world. The innovative vision of video server, VS8401, helps you easily upgrade to a full-featured, high-end IP surveillance solution!

    • Up to 30 fps in D1 Resolution
    • Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression (Triple Codec)
    • 4-CH Video and Audio In
    • Two-way Audio
    • RS-485 Interface for PTZ Camera Control
    • 4 Digital I/O for External Sensor and Alarm
    • Built-in SD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage
    • DC 12V / AC 24V Compatible Power Input
    • Professional Rack Mount Compatible Design
    • Supports Gigabit Ethernet Data Transmission

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