NVR 32 Channel, 16x PoE, 4x HDD Max 24TB, RAID, 1080p HDMI/VGA Video Out, Plug og Play Auto Setup, Dual LAN, Fisheye Dewarp, PoE Management, Storyboard Seach, Mobile EZConnect, Without Hard disk.

NVR 32 Channel, 16x PoE, 4x HDD Max 24TB, RAID, 1080p HDMI/VGA Video Out, Plug og Play Auto Setup, Dual LAN, Fisheye Dewarp, PoE Management, Storyboard Seach, Mobile EZConnect, Without Hard disk.

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H.265 / H.264.
Model/Product no.: ND9541P
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VIVOTEK’s ND9441P and ND9541P are H.265 Linux-based standalone NVRs with embedded PoE. Equipped for up to 16-CH/32-CH network cameras, the NVRs both support 16x 802.3 at/af PoE ports which feature PoE Management function to help users troubleshoot the physical layer structure. Both also display the PoE power information, providing for a more convenient and smarter installation.

PoE Management
Allow users to easily troubleshoot problems, control power budget for better operation, and set port priority settings to ensure the most important cameras are always on. When system power is overloaded, the PoE ports will auto-reboot for power supply recovery.

The ND9441P/ND9541P also supports remote and mobile access via EZConnect and iViewer apps for both iOS and Android handheld devices. The EZConnect app provides instant push notification and direct video playback functions when triggered by an alarm notification, providing users with a flexible and intelligent NVR for seamless use in small to medium sized video surveillance applications.

EZConnect provides cloud service for easy and smart 24/7 surveillance on-the-go.

With H.265 compression technology and embedded with 4 HDD’s providing up to 32TB, the ND9441P/ND9541P offers greater than 30% more recording capacity than H.264 systems. This advancement provides users with more storage space for longer durations of video recording. In addition, the RAID 0/1/5 configurations provide further data security in the rare event of a hard drive failure.

H.265 Compression Technology

H.265 Compression Technology
Offer more than 30% ~ 50% greater recording capacity than H.264 systems - effectively giving users larger storage capacity for longer durations of high-quality video recording.


The RAID 0, 1, 5 configuration provides further data security and reliable video storage.

For high-quality and detailed images, the ND9441P/ND9541P supports a maximum network camera resolution of 12 Megapixels. To intelligently manage bandwidth while maintaining this high-quality, the “Auto Adaptive Stream” function will adjust the display resolution automatically for each different layout type.

Auto/Constant Adaptive Stream

Auto/Constant Adaptive Stream
Increases the flexibility to reduce bandwidth and save on total project costs (auto-adaptive stream), or maintain superb video quality (constant stream).

Furthermore, the NVR supports VIVOTEK’s fisheye network camera “Fisheye Dewarp” function, which provides multiple de-warping modes in live view and playback, ensuring the correct angle of video view and detailed information for flexible usage.

Fisheye Dewarp
Allow users to monitor any angle, or to enjoy precise detailed images for a total surveillance experience. (1O, 1P, 1R, 1O3R, 1O8R)

Lastly, to quickly and intuitively find any target event, the ND9441P/ND9541P is equipped with the “Story-Board Search” function, which provides a glimpse of past recordings over an intuitive timeline.

Storyboard Event Search

To quickly and intuitively find any target event, allow users to direct playback and archive their video within a few seconds.

The ND9441P/ND9541P supports HDMI and VGA local video output, so users can control the GUI OSD interface via mouse & keyboard, eliminating the need for a separate PC to search video or playback from the NVR. Additionally, the 
Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI
With a friendly and elegant interactive design, users can enjoy the benefit of simple operation and an UI that’s easy on the eyes.

•H.265/H.264 Compression Technology
•Plug & Play One Button Auto Setup
•EZConnect by Scanning QR Code for 24/7 Mobile Viewing
•Support RAID 0/1/5 Storage
•VIVOTEK Camera Configuration and VAST CMS Integrated
•Live and Playback Fisheye Dewarp
•Embedded Linux OS
•Story Board Event Search
•Up to 12MP Camera Liveview & Playback
•PoE Management
•ONVIF Open Platform (Project Support Function)

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